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Regulatory Strategy

Understanding regulatory risk, and the opportunities and threats it can create, is essential to a sound business strategy. Whether your business is faced with the challenges of a liberalising energy market, or wants to be part of the new low carbon energy supply chains, Alex Barnes & Associates can draw on decades of experience to advise you. Done right, regulatory strategy can be a source of competitive advantage.

Government and Regulatory Relations

Governments and regulators have a symbiotic relationship with energy companies – both need the other to succeed. It is important that policy makers and regulators understand the commercial pressures facing companies when designing and implementing regulatory frameworks. Businesses need to understand policy makers’ and regulators’ goals. Alex Barnes & Associates can help ensure both sides understand each other, thereby enabling companies’ projects can come to fruition in a timely and profitable way.

Commercial Support

Trading businesses need to understand the market rules and how changes can move prices. Energy producers need to know how they can access the market. Infrastructure businesses need to know how they will (or will not) be regulated. Energy suppliers and consumers need to know how they can buy and sell energy. Alex Barnes & Associates can explain the rules, help develop proposals for new rules or argue why regulation is not needed, thereby enabling companies to thrive in a regulated environment.


If economics is the “dismal science,” regulation can seem even more daunting. The trick is not to get lost in the detail but to explain the “how” and the “why” of regulation in a way that is accessible and relevant. Alex Barnes & Associates has extensive experience of explaining energy regulation to diverse audiences and can tailor training packages according to your needs.